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Ok, so some of you may have noticed my sort of staggering lack of writing here as of late. There is good reason for that. for the last six months or so my day job has taken up a huge amount of time. Something it hadn’t for a while, they need some problems fixed, which sort of took over my life. Its the great thing about hiring a compulsive problem solver, is that they don’t rest till the problem is solved- alas some problems are above my mere mortal skills. In the beginning of this month I found myself laid off.

As bad news as that is , I am thinking of it as a gift. A gift of escape, a get out outta jail guilt free card if you will. Knowing me I would have stayed always trying to fix what is ultimately unfix-able. I spent a lot more time dealing with corporate politics then being creative. Its very easy to get lost in the deal and by my own admission I am one of those guys who can get lost in it.

So I find myself with the glorious question :whats next? and to that i really haven’t a clue. There are a few other details that I may have forget to mention:

1. The missus and I are opening a hair salon called Miyagi, hopefully our doors will be open Mid-July, its in NE Mpls (411 E Hennepin right next to the Terminal Bar). The other ginchy thing about this is it will also provide me with a decent office to work out of, no disrespect to my spider filled basement.
There are a few pictures on my Flickr account if you want to see them. Its a pretty cool space and some great folks have been involved. Its been our secret project since last September I even went to Aveda business college to learn the specifics of their lanuage. The oddest part of this is hat I helped build a salon before during the Hair Police days, so this is a very odd Dejà vu, minus old friend and Focus 21 hairspray.

2. I have been working on a tv show for the past year, called “Conversation” It’s very cool, and all things willing the pilot episode will be done soon. I think I know where its going to live but my mouth is shut till we see an air date. You will forgive me if I am a litle sparse on details on this one. Timing , state secrets and all that.

3. I also produced a massive remix for te Vibro Champs, and am mid way through my first solo music project in ages “The Holy Roman Empire”- it’s sort of anti-music, experimental but hopefully not to self indulgent. That will see at least a Myspace page fairly soon.

So its not like I don’t have anything going on, in fact I seem to be busier then ever. My future plans do involve a lot more writing, for this space and others, but for the moment I have to float a little where the river takes me. Of course the problem is I have no idea where its headed, and while apparently it has some rapids, I am pretty sure I can still stay afloat. I know this, I want to make art , and thats something I really haven’t felt for a while.

So there you have it. No stunning self revelations- at least none for public eyes, just me. For years my sense of self identity was based upon where I worked or what i did I don’t need to be Chris of blank anymore, lets face it that all started with Jesus of Nazareth and that really didn’t end so well for him. So Its just me Chris, and it really is all cool.

Sort of like this video from Black Kids, which couldn’t fit my mood any better.(thanks J for sending it along)

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