what a long strange trip it’s been….and continues to be

Yeah, i have been in absentia here for a bit, I have spent a good chunk of the last several months building this place Miyagi. It’s a hair salon that I opened with the Missus, it’s also home to my new offices, that is once I can get in an actual internet connection. In between that been dealing with the never ending pilot, that is ready to be dropped off next week (well keeping my fingers crossed on that one).

Lot’s going on, but not a ton I feel like I can share, I know I am selfish bastard keeping my drama to myself, but sometimes thats how it goes.

One note about the dead video above- I am in no way shape or form a Dead head, In my Rifle Sport days I described them as the music of the enemy, the poster children of the former counter culture Hippies who became the dread 80’s republican sell outs- but kept the soundtrack. As I have gotten older I have learned to see bands shouldn’t be blamed for their fans. In any case this suits my mood at this moment more then just about anything.

Well and this one too, i bought this record when it came out, what can I say the video kinda got me, But I kept it hidden in my collection- not nearly punk rock enough, and not ironic enough either to merit being in my collection. Maybe being forty is an age where you can accept all the little secret truths, because good bad and indifferent ; thats who you are.

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