Anti-Social Network Behavior

How much are we supposed to take, at what point do we stand up as a society and say enough is enough, I’ve had all I can stand and I can’t stands no more. Of course I am talking about social networking. Whether its profiles on Myspace, photos on Flickr, zombies on Facebook, job inquires on linked in, or phone calls from angry Dutchmen on Skype. The 21st century netizen is wallowing in choices to be social without being seen. according to Wikipedia (itself a sort of social site, while not necessarily networking based,it has become a clubhouse for grammarians and nitpickers the world over) the following are the notable social networking sites.

List of social networking websites

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Realize that this lis doesn’t even include other things that function like social networks, like De.licio.us,Technocrati, or Digg. If you are a hep cyber citizen your on all those , God forbid you leave your desk, oh wait I can twitter from my phone. I can face book while waiting for a red light, yeah I know I am not supposed to do it, but you do it too so pbbbtttt.

This at first didn’t seem like a problem until colleges and universities stared having classes teaching freshmen how to meet and interact with people real-time, in fact we live in a world interaction is a major. Not talking about computer interactions or anything digital, just interaction as a whole, something that the very old fashioned me takes for granted. Your in a situation you are going to interact, not unlike your in an ocean, you are going to get wet.

I sometimes getr so busy with online life that i don’t have time for the real one, you knoe the one I do all the online stuff to pay for. It becomes like the 80’s cokehead mantra, “I do blow to be better at work,to make more money, so I can afford more blow” In this case instead of Bolvian Marching Powder, its the tiny dance of 1’s and 0’s.

I had a similar thought while being lost in New York, “how many cities should a man know by heart?” To which my friend Scott answered as many as possible. A nice thought but at some point it gets ridiculous, me I have my home town:Minneapolis, St. Paul its necessary suburbs, small towns nearby like Duluth and Rochester, Siux Falls, Fargo, Madison, Milwaukee. The Chicago, New York, Los Angeles , San Diego, Seattle, London, then the million small towns that I seem to contiually have to be off to (Bismark anyone?).

I say enough with the social networking. how about anti social networks like hatebook? or heres a thought how about an old fashioned party? Have the whole world over…let say at your house though, mines too small.

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