When gameshows were truly insane

I am such a Cage fan, Silence was a huge book in my universe. Some of what he did is genius some of it is crap, this is of the former.This footage is off of “What’s My Line” a game show where b-list celebrities, try to guess peoples secrets. its hard to imagine this happing on Who Wants to be a Millionaire , or any of the other modern attempts at Gameshows. They could afford to be fearless.I had hopped to then segue to the footage of Frank Zappa playing th bicycle on Steve Allen. But, it was a victim of the post Viacom slaughter. You can still see just about any other Zappa performance, and you can’t really find it anywhere else. Protecting worthless rights, and halting communication, super duper handy.

This is Salvador Dali also on “What’s My Line?”, again surrealness at its finest. If you had a similar panel show today how many the guests do you think could name 10 living painters? The closest we to Dali in terms of pop culture is Tim Brurton, and thats like saying the closest thing we have to Sinatra is Harry Connick JR.Thats the difference between wood and Pergo.

Culture shifts aren’t all bad, but when everyone becomes a celebrity then no one is. I figure at the rate they make reality tv shows, eventually every American will be in one.In which case who will be left to watch?

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