Dick Clark the Eternal Teenager

So sorry to hear about the loss of Dick Clark, He was sort of a huge influence on me. He was also a Delta Kappa Epsilon brother and along with Cole Porter one of the things that got me excited about the house. When we did “What.” he was a big touchstone (along with Ernie Kovacs).

He helped to change the way rock and roll was perceived in America how it wet from sub culture to culture and i turn helped along things like equal rights amongst the races and the sexes. I think that gets forgotten as he faded into the strange apparition that Ryan Seacrest would throw to at the end of the Rockin’ New Years Eve broadcasts. He was the kind of broadcaster that you just don’t see anymore. even as his obvious passion for the music faded he gave a platform for it to be heard-one that paved the way for the MTV era and ultimately the post MTV era. Which in turn gives rise to a million starts up blogs and podcasts. Sure the medium has changed but the message hasn’t” this is pretty cool and you ought to here it”

News tory about it from CBS