Wordle about the transplant

This is sort of an abstract portrait of my written life for the past year

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  • Charlie says:

    Well, you probably don’t give a shit, but I’d like to see an updated “about me” thingy. You’ve been using the whole “butcher, baker…” thing since I was your student. That was in ’07.
    Also, “Tales of the Idiot”? Good man, save it for the milquetoast nebbish. “Idiot” denotes not only stupidity but a lack of good fortune. Mein heir, good luck and good people have smiled upon you. Schlub, schmuck, putz you are not.
    “Tales from the Blessed” or “Tales from the Fortunate” is much more fitting. I will be frank and say that I don’t care how many Iggy records you’ve heard; you’re not an idiot. Also, I’ll allow you to use it when fortune has not smiled on you as I know it has.
    Animosity aside, I’m glad you’re doing well.
    A lengthy critique from the last person you need it from, sure, but save assholery for those of us deserving of the title.
    A past asshole (also, a noted idiot),