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Hey there

Hi, If you have come by this dusty old site I haven’t really written a lot here mostly because it had been coming out At City Pages , for the last few years. you can see a bunch of that writing here.  Otherwise there is a brand new ChrisStrouth.com that might be more useful for current […]

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Anthony Ralph Strouth, 1945-2014

A number of folks have asked me to post the eulogy from my father’s funeral, hence I am posting it here. I am wearing my dads suit, it’s not that I don’t have other suits , but this is the serious suit, the suit for meeting with authority figures, the suit I wear when I […]

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Happy Thanksgiving-Bang the Drumstick slowly,

As a transplant patient you are taught to live in an almost continual state of thanks, it is a thing that I sort of suck at, in part because of my rather Daffy Duck like tendencies towards frustration. Fortunately thankfulness isn’t a destination it’s a journey, one that we all have to work towards. Sometimes […]

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Secrets of the universe and other things from gumball machines

There are certain stories that I can’t be open with, mostly because they aren’t mine to tell,I am just a character in them, sometimes a big one but ultimately not the protagonist. They affect me sometimes on an almost soul crushing level, but still in all they aren’t mine to tell. This last year has […]

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    A man of many lives-some know Strouth as the filmmaker who behind the documentary "Unconvention: a Mix Tape from St. Paul" about the 2008 RNC, and M-80, some as a writer, or as a producer and musician and then of course their is the whole getting a kidney transplant over Facebook and Twitter thing.
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