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chew on this

Ok, first of my cat Ren died on Friday, and I have had her since before “Smells like Teen Spirit” was a twinkle in an Ad man’s eye. I likeed her more then everyone save my wife, and then she was a close second. I just am to heart broken to be pithy right now. […]

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All in all its just another post in the blog

Blogging, I just sort of hate the word, it’s just not pretty. Blog it rhymes with bog- where you don’t want to be, it rhymes with cog who you don’t want to be… well where I don’t want to be for all I know you might enjoy it. In which case I’ll try not to […]

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the birth of the….eh, I got nothing

The problem with being an essayist is that you need a constant supply of topics, then of course you need a fresh perspective on them. Then of course there are the days that you have zero inspiration or good ideas. Well in fairness I have had plenty of good ideas just not for the blog. […]

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Anti-Social Network Behavior

How much are we supposed to take, at what point do we stand up as a society and say enough is enough, I’ve had all I can stand and I can’t stands no more. Of course I am talking about social networking. Whether its profiles on Myspace, photos on Flickr, zombies on Facebook, job inquires […]

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  • a little about me…

    A man of many lives-some know Strouth as the filmmaker who behind the documentary "Unconvention: a Mix Tape from St. Paul" about the 2008 RNC, and M-80, some as a writer, or as a producer and musician and then of course their is the whole getting a kidney transplant over Facebook and Twitter thing.
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