Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

Welcome, this is the first post on the new blog, last September I decided to start this little blog experiment , it worked, and over 3000 people dropped by to read my blathering commentary. So I decided to try and step it up a bit, move to a domain, customize it a bit and tell my friends that I had done it (really only told a handful) and see what happens .

bob hope, bing crosby, dorothy lamourThe name Tales of the Idiot, comes from something I had though about for more then 20 years. My plan was to publish a novel with that name by the time I was 30, a feat I did not succeed at. I did write a novel once in the 7th grade, It was a mystery story set during the filing of a Bob Hope/ Bing Crosby/ Dorthy Lamour movie. with of course me as the boy detective who saved the day- I think it goes without saying that I was a highly unpopular kid.

The title stayed but the plots changed and well I was too busy having a life to write about it. So instead here it is , Blog the new black, excuse me I mean novel.
I’ll go into detail later about my theory that “We are all idiots”. For now, enjoy the new site, its now all set up by categories, so if you only want essays, you can get them. Bloggy Bits are things that are just short, little bits, time wasters and the like.

Truthfully, oh dear and gentle reader I have a tough time calling myself a blogger, I am an essayist, a columnist without paper. Because we have to tile things such I become a blogger, but it still feels a bit like a lie, I don’t talk about technology, at lease not in a gadgetey way, I have no SMO skills, and no clever trips for link baiting, or traffic swapping, or feed burning. I can barely figure out CSS. I share stuff about my life, but they are stories and metaphors, not what I had for breakfast, or what I did with friends the night before. I spend very little time in the blogsphere itself, and rarely read any. Its not personal I know there are some great ones out there, I barely have the time to write mine, let alone read anyone elses.

Soon there will be podcasts, Me reading things aloud with a sound track, and the occasional bit of aural insanity. Also a promise of daily updates , well m-f updates at least.

so for now Dig the New Blog

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