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Editor’s note: Hey guys sorry I have been a little absent as of late, it seems like I have just been perpetually busy. Lots of writing for lots of folks. And some other cool media stuff that I can’t announce yet. Well one thing I can mention is that I have a new TV show in the making, its amazingly time consuming but it is going to be really swell-now if i could just figure out what its called. I’ll write more about it when I know where it will live. Right now I just have to work on getting another 20 episodes done. In that spirit I bring you..

Like the man said , oh who am I kidding with this many small grammar errors is it any surprise that I am my own editor on this site. I like to think that it shows what I have in common with the great American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald- His learning disability.

I thought its the begging of the week, I am cold and under deadline. So I thought I’d just paste up some of my favorite you tube clips and do it with little to no explanation. Just think of it as little bits of culture that might make your world a little weirder.

First up: Whistling Jack Smith, 60’s pop sensation better known as thew whistler on the Ennio Morrcinoe soundtracks. This is a performance of him on beat club- however the performer is not the person whistling on the recording. Thats an actor hired to play him. Sure most whistlers don’t need a stand in, but he is a most excellent dancer.

Next Item on our hit parade of heck- Klaus Nomi, everyones favorite new Wave opera singer, seen here taking on Lou Christie’s
“Lightning Strikes” truly glorious.

ok I was trying to find Biz markee’s awesome Alone Again. but Gilbert O’ Sullivan stopped it from even being here, now if he could just stop Dokken

And to wind it up: A little bit of Love from Dance Party USA. The USA networks mid 80’s dance show. I was obsessed with this in college, I watched it every day- even though I was in my heavy goth phase it was just so great to watch new Jersey teenagers rock out. I have to admit that I completely crushed on one of the dancer called Princess, who was a rabid Prince fan. Unfortunately couldn’t find clips of her and her handmade prince inspired outfits, mostly based around the unitard. Still some gravity defying hair going on.

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