er umm… I got Nothing

Sorry for the lack of update since Christmas time, got busy with some big things I can announce soon- then I feel down a flight of steps, and got the flu. which I am still not really recovered from. To be honest i feel like crap.

So when I feel better-hopefully later in the week I will have some worthy essay for you. But fear not, I know that you need things to occupy your time so enjoy this treat from the poorly named MP3 Pimp Its the first four records from Scott Walker Possibly one f the coolest artists of all time. An American living in the UK in the 60’s who sounds like he should be doing Anthony Newly style material. Instead hes up there with Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

you can read the Wikkiepedia article about him here and here is a direct link to the downloads
scott walker- scottScott 1
Scott Walker 2 Scott2
scott walker- scott3Scott 3
scott walker- scott 4 Scott 4
if you love it as I know you will- go buy it, sure he gets a nickel for it-that is if they pay him for it. But you’ll feel better about it. (personally I got my copies of his records at a Salvation Army, best use of a dollar ever!

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  • vinary says:

    Thanks for the links, I’ve been wanting to hear his old stuff. I got that record he put out a year or two ago not knowing anything about him, proceeded to be completely confused and bewildered after listening to it, then listened to it everyday for about a month.

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