21 Completely Bad Ideas

Ok I have been writing a ton of commercial stuff, in between working on two records, a DVD release a pilot, my day job stuff. Not to mention the basemen t got flooded today so here is a lit of extremely bad ideas that you shouldn’t do:

Completely Bad Ideas:
1. Tossing porcupines
2. Eating week old sushi
3. Getting in a staring contest with Charles Manson
4. Having dinner with Rosie O’Donnel and Donald Trump at the same time
5. Entering a demolition derby with a bike
6. Eating a bag of uncooked rice then drinking a gallon of water
7. Starting a heroin habit
8. Drinking an entire bottle of maple syrup
9. A Herve Vilachez movie marathon
10. Wrestling Boars
11. Being the guy in the Burger King costume
12. Taking any job working for Britney Spears
13. Being the Director of tourism in Norman Oklahoma
14. Starring in an ad for any of the following :adult diapers, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, any sort of chat line
15. Getting into a slapping fight with.. well with anyone
16. Financing any movie where the stars were discovered on American Idol
17. Snorting Bees
18. Pickle based beverages
19. Carbonated Milk
20. Marshmallow based entrees
21. Blogging when you haven’t slept for a few days

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