Lets all go to the lobby

I have written at length about how my life is now in its second act, but I have come to realize something. Its not quite there yet , welcome to the intermission of my life. Its not quite as dramatic as something out of the Days of Wine and Roses but it is an intermission none the less.

Intermissions really are a lost art form, it was the actuall social part of the theater, where you can connect with the other people in your praise or snark about what you have seen, or what you fear to come. Its where you plan the next stop, or call home, or just have a cigarette in the cold darkness.  Thats where i am, the hard par about this intermission is I’m the playwright and the actors too, see i have to figure out the next act. So its a bit of a working intermission, but then the best ones really are.

Imagine that you are having to cross a ravine on a tight rope, you manage not to look down too much. You move slowly and cautiously till you get to the other side, and after all the congratulations, and back slaps you look down and see what you crossed.  You finally see how high up you are, the size of the rope and the depth of the ravine.  If thats not a good time for a pause i don’t know what is.

So I get some more popcorn, and  study the posters in the lobby, trying not to think of ravines and ropes.  That of course is easier said…

It doesn’t help that i go in an out of low grade fever, every little twitch a slight reminder of the depths, which truth be told can kind of make you  buzzkill on the cocktail party set.

Its not that i haven’t been busy or working on stuff, in truth i never stopped. but for today and maybe tomorrow, i am going to hang in the lobby a bit longer . I’m hoping for a long second act, so i figure its best to enjoy the intermission while I can

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